Saturday, October 29, 2011

Arts at Midnight

Tonight was one of my favorite nights possibly ever in DC.  It was surprising to see, behind all the blue collar pressed suits and stuffy uprightness, this amazing creative underground scene exists.  I realized, I need to explore more....

Galleries stayed open till 3 in the morning, exhibits crossed the town, and 1,000's came out to support the event.  Some art was displayed in parks, while others on the side of building walls (see above), the library housed a funky live/manican fashion show, and a couple of row houses had been gutted allowing spray painters to go to work.  My favorite was the Wonder Bread Factory -- an old building with lots of character....various artist worked (see top photo) throughout the building, while music was deejayed in the back with a crazy light show and tons of dancing (see below).

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