Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hot Loop - Sedona, Arizona - is VERY HOT!

So Andrew and I scooped up Sherrie in PHX, made a plan, and headed north to Sedona. We ran some errands, and got a book called Loop Hikes in Arizona....the book offered a ton of great ideas. However, we quickly learned the distances were just a little off!!

After going a couple of miles in the hot desert sun without water, and learning we had about 5 more miles to go, we came across a stream of water! Nothing else to do, except to jump for joy!!! Certainly a reminder that extreme conditions exist in places other than Alaska!

So, our somewhat easier 16 mile day turned into being over 20! We ran in to a heard of javelina's on the way out and that was cool and made it back to town for yummy pizza and beer!

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